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Genesis Design Chief Tells Us How He’ll Define the New Luxury Brand’s Style

It has been just about two years since Genesis became a brand instead of only a Hyundai model name, marking the Korean company’s full arrival in the luxury class. But where the G80 and G90 were still conceived in the Hyundai Genesis era, it is up to the next generation of models to assert the newfound […]

“All-Weather” Tires Explained: Merging All-Seasons and Winter Tires

If you live somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, cold weather is an annual reality. And in places like our home state of Michigan, the beginning of fall often means thinking about getting one’s car (or in our case, our long-term test fleet) ready for snow, i.e., new winter tires. But not everyone switches to dedicated winter rubber in the cold months, instead relying on all-season […]

Hot-Hatch Showdown! Ford Focus RS vs. Honda Civic Type R

Making power is but one variable in going fast. The upper echelon of performance—occupied by the mega-output Germans, big-muscled Corvettes and Hellcats, and, of course, Italian exotica—now depends on automatic transmissions, launch control, track-bred tires, and often all-wheel drive to generate stupefying performance. READ MORE ››